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RLC Passive Filter Design

Description: Design of passive filters.  Properties of positive-real
	functions, design of driving-point and transfer immittances
	of RC, RL, LC, and RLC networks.  Design of classical filters 
	including Butterworth, Chebyshev, and elliptic filters.
Textbook: Van Valkenburg, Introduction of Modern Network Synthesis,
	John Wiley, NY, 1960. 
    Chapter                           Topic

      1      Introduction:  Network models and equations, poles and 
             zeros of network functions, complex frequency.

      2      Network Analysis:  Series, parallel, and gereneral structures.
             Impedance and admittance functions.  Transfer functions using
             y and z parameters.

      3      Positive Real Functions:  Driving-point functions, Brune's pr
             functions and their properties.

      4      Testing Driving-Point Functions:  Maximum modulus theorem,
             Hurwitz polynomials, residues, even and odd functions, Sturm's
             theorem, and alternative tests.

      5      LC Networks:  Elementary synthesis operations.  LC driving-point

      6      RC and RL Networks:  Properties of RC and RL network functions.                
             Foster and Cauer form of RC and RL networks..

      7      RLC Networks:  Minimum pr functions. Brune's method, Bott and
             Duffin method.

      10     Two Terminal-Pair Synthesis by Ladder Development:  Properties
             of -y12 and z12.  LC ladder method, RC ladded method.

      12     Symmetrical Lattice and Constant-Resistance Networks:  Lattice
             and synthesis procedures, constant resistance symmetrical
             lattice, lattice decomposition, Barlett's bisection theorem,
             constant-resistance bridged-T and ladder networks.

Project: Design, analyze, amd test (using microCap simulations) a 4th order filter.  

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